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Monday, May 07, 2007

Fun, fulfillment, and friends

Jason Feifer and Me
I'm in the NY Times today - "A Boston Newspaper Prints What the Local Bloggers Write."

What's ironic is that after a 30 minute interview with the reporter, the quote they chose to use, is now out of context.
John Wilpers, editor in chief of BostonNow, a free weekday daily introduced last month, said he wanted to fill the paper with items that local bloggers submitted to the BostonNow Web site... Also appealing to bloggers is that they retain ownership of their submissions even after printing. They have not, however, received money from the paper for their work.

Last week, BostonNow ran a post and photograph by Steve Garfield, who has been blogging for a decade, now at He said cash payments would be nice, but he planned to contribute even if that did not happen. “The whole thing I do in blogging is to get seen, get visibility,” he said.
That quote answers the question of how do you make money by blogging for free. It's an answer I often give that says my blog ends up being a promotional vehicle for my consulting and video production business.

It IS NOT the main reason for my blogging.

I blog for fun, fulfillment, and friends. Friends I have, and friends I haven't met yet.

The visibility comes as a byproduct of doing what I love.

It would be nice if reporters would let interviewees proofread articles. I have had reporters let me do a technical edit on a piece, but when I ask if I can review a story before they publish, they usually can't do that.

It would also be nice if the NY Times had an area for comments... They don't.

In the end, BostonNOW is a step in the right direction. They let bloggers write articles and submit photos AND they allow comments on every story.

Let's see the NY Times and Boston Globe allow that!

My BostonNOW Post - BostonNOW is ours.

My BostonNOW photo - Lindsay and Goose.