Friday, May 25, 2007

Healthy American Food Exposed

I just posted a new video, Spices of Life - Pyramid on a Plate #2: Healthy American Food Exposed:
"I found it interesting that you don’t have to always order low fat salad dressing. After the shoot I go to eat the Arctic Char. It was amazing. I got so caught up in the filming of the episode, I asked Nina waht kind of salmon it was because it tasted so good. She told me that it was Arctic Char. HA! I really enjoyed it.

Technical notes: This episode was filmed using a Nokia N93. It records at 640 x 480 30 frames per second. I converted the .mp4 files to QuickTime .mov files using MPEG Streamclip, then edited the video with Final Cut Pro. When done editing, I exported using Compressor at 320�240 H.264 and uploaded to then converts the video to Flash and cross-posts... to Spices of Life."

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