Tuesday, May 01, 2007

How To Sync a Palm Treo 700p

New Palm 700p does not sync after changing usernames.

I set up a Treo 700p with a username Treo 700p and synced it one time to the Palm Desktop.

Then when I took a look I saw that my desktop user with all the data from my previous palm was under username "Steve Garfield", so I renamed that user to Treo 700p, to match what is on the Treo.

Now it doesn't sync anymore.

Delete the username on the device by performing Hard Reset on the device which deletes all the data on the device and the username on the device.
Steps for the Hard Reset.

a) Disconnect Treo from charger, if connected.

b) Remove the battery cover and then the battery.

c) Press and hold down the Red phone button on the device.

d) While still holding the Red phone button, reinsert the battery and do not release the Red phone button.

e) When the "Access Powered" screen appears, release the Red phone button.

f) The next screen will ask you to "Erase All Data". Press the UP arrow button. That resets the device.

If it can't make connection, click the HotSync Manager icon in the System tray on the Desktop.

Only the Local USB should be checked.

If not, check the Local USB option in the list.

Unplug the device and perform Soft Reset on the device.

Close the Palm Desktop software if it is opened.

Connect the device firmly wait for one minute and then perform HotSync.

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