Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Getting Personal with the Candidates via Twittter

I've recently unsubscribed from two of the presidential candidate's email lists because is seemed like it was just a constant stream of requests for contributions to their campaign, wrapped around current issues.

The most personal way the candidates have begun to communicate with me is via Twitter. Twitter is an easy to use group instant messaging tool which allows you to send out 140 character text messages to your friends. You can send and receive these messages on the web or on your cell phone.

Take a look at Barack Obama's recent tweets
From 3 days ago: "In DC voting No... "We should not give the President a blank check to continue down this same, disastrous path.”"
Obama has posted 9 updates since joining Twitter and is using in a way that's more conversational and less like spam. I'm staying subscribed.

John Edwards is also on Twitter

Two days ago he posted this:
"Thrilled to be in Iowa with Elizabeth and the kids…working with Iowans to support our troops and bring them home."
He's made 36 updates since signing on to Twitter. He also has staffers twitter for him and notes this by putting (from staff) in front of the message. That's the kind of transparency from a candidate I like to see.

What I want is a personal connection to the candidates. Twitter makes me feel like I get that.

The preceding quote is in this article on BostonNOW, and this post is linked to from there. Very cool for a newpaper/online site to link to a blog post from someone who was interviewed for a story.

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  1. I agree with what you say re: Twitter and candidates. And I can vouch for Edwards' authenticity and transparency. I had an exchange a month or two ago that left no doubt it was the man himself. I haven't heard the same about Obama, but he seems to have recovered from his first ridiculous Tweet, now deleted, that showed enthusiasm for a debate, that was a little too, shall we say, "youthful" for a 45-year-old.