Saturday, May 26, 2007

MacBook Pro Damaged Power Cord

MacBook Pro Damaged Power Cord - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

I just walked in to the Apple Store in Chestnut Hill, MA and asked the first sales person I saw if he could swap out my damaged power cord.

He could!

Tim helped me. He didn't send me over to the Genius Bar, and he didn't say it wasn't his job.

He helped me.

I was hesitant at going into the store for help, but was pleasantly surprised at how awesome Tim was.

Praise Tim.

He also took a look at my non-functioning IR remote and we made an appointment for service for next week since it seems like it's a hardware issue.

Tim should get a raise.

Praise Tim!

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  1. I had a similarly wonderful experience at the NY 5th Ave store last week when a glass of diet pepsi spontaneously spilled itself on my keyboard while traveling. In less than 24 hours, I had me MacBook Pro back with a new keyboard. They were great.