Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Broadcasting LIVE

Broadcasting LIVE from the Mall
Jeremiah Owyang has a nice list of companies and services that provide live web video.

This is very timely since I'm trying out a lot of the services he mentions in his list.

Like blogging and web video before it, live broadcasting is becoming popular because the tools are finally available in an easy to use package.

Prior to this you had to sign up for QuickTime broadcasting with a hosting service and some hosting companies didn't even provide it. That's why I never used it other than suggesting it to conference organizers.

Now, with web based solutions that only require a webcam or cellphone, lots of people will start experimenting.

If it was January 1st, I'd call 2007 the Year of LIVE Video. But since it's almost June I guess I could say that 2007 is the half-a-Year of LIVE Video. ;-)

Broadcasting LIVE from the mall.
Broadcasting LIVE from Boston Media Makers.

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