Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Margery Eagan, Follow Me on Twitter

Margery Eagan writes about Twitter in today's Herald, Notes on an inbox: Please stop boring everyone to death:
"Forget having to go over for supper and feign interest in the 98-page Baby is Born scrapbook. Now we’ll get the scrapbook updates constantly. In real time. Whether we want them or not."
Actually, if you had taken the time to learn how twitter works you'd know that you need to ADD someone to receive their updates.

I heard you on the radio yesterday, talking about this, and had to shut you off because you don't know what you are talking about.

I use twitter, I like twitter and it's more than just random updates from people you don't care about.

You can use twitter to:

- let people know where you are so they can meet up with you
- share links to interesting stories
- tell your friends you won a webby
- tell your friends you are in an interesting conference session and to join you
- coordinate 30 people to meet for dinner

I could go on, but in order to write about something like twitter, you should actually use it and understand it first.

Follow me on twitter.

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  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    I'm actually interested in using twitter to do citizen microreporting. Imagine if people had personal news feeds, where if they were stuck in a traffic jam they could note it, or listening to a candidate speak they could pass along a real time quote. Or maybe they find out a particular local store is going out of business, or hear the recent vote on civil unions.

    I'm beginning to think this aspect (for which I currently only have the bulky name of citizen microreporting) could be the most powerful aspect of it -- it would tap into the amazing possibilities of these networks. Imagine a legislator that twitters out committee votes to his followers, and those followers who forward those results to their own networks...

    Anyway, we're just beginning to realize what happens when you take the friction of communication down to superconductor levels...anyone who thinks twitter will be irrelevant doesn't understand that concept.

  2. Anonymous11:30 AM

    And what better way to help educate Margery on how Twitter actually works than by leaving a comment on her article ... oh wait, we can't.

    And speaking of letting your friends know that you just won a Webby through Twitter, I did just that this morning, spreading the word that my group at Monster had catpured the People's Voice Award for Employment.

  3. Good job being so polite as you schooled Margery. I guess her approach shouldn't surprise us -- but it's still frustrating. LOL

    I wrote about it over on www.sooz.com, too.