Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Beer and wine to be sold in Massachusetts Supermarket

Four Wines

Liquor vote could lure specialty grocery - The Boston Globe:
"WESTWOOD - A New York-based gourmet grocery store could make its first move into the New England market with a superstore in the Westwood Station development.

Voters agreed to create the town's first liquor license for off-premise consumption solely for Westwood Station, a vote in direct support of Wegmans, a high-end grocery chain with 71 stores, mostly in New York.

Wegmans officials have called Westwood Station a 'bull's-eye' site for the company's move into New England, but also said the ability to sell alcohol would be a critical factor in any decision. The company incorporates the sale of beer and wine in its superstore design and wants to keep the design as it continues to expand.

The town's approval of the license could be the catalyst for luring the grocery chain here, bringing a unique store to a project that is already changing the landscape of Westwood."
Congratulations Westwood.

Oh, BTW, I bought a whole bunch of beer and wine at Gary's Liquors on Sunday.

So there.


  1. State law will limit Wegman's to three liquor licenses statewide. This is the same restriction that keeps beer and wine out of most Shaw's, Stop & Shop, and Trader Joe's locations.

  2. Right, and Roche Bros.

    Stupid State law. Needs to be overturned.

    Time to dump some beer into the harbor.

    On second thought, I'll just drink it.

    But still, these Massachusetts laws seem like they were initially set by some puritans or something.

  3. Massachusetts law is a conspiracy of those making money against those who would compete with them. It has nothing to do with Puritans - it's the distributors and package stores. They pay off your legislators, and the laws remain the same.

  4. The real purpose is to protect local small business people (package store owners) against large out-of-state chains. Which seems like a reasonable idea to me.