Sunday, May 11, 2008

My MacCamp Boston Experience

MacCamp Boston, originally uploaded by stevegarfield.

MacCamp Boston took place on Saturday in Cambridge at the YMCA.

Jack Hodgson organized it with the help of some great volunteers. It was run in the BarCamp style where the attendees are the presenters.

Jack used to run the Boston Computer Society Macintosh Users Group. I was the meeting co-ordinator. We used to have meetings at Mass College of Art that attracted up to 500 people per meeting. Those were fun times.

MacCamp Boston

The first session I took part in was Adam Weiss' on Podcasting. Although I've seen him present podcasting before, I didn't mind sitting in on his presentation again. I'm thinking about starting up a few audio podcasts and it was good to hear his take on it.

Adam feels that it's best to edit your podcast compared to the recording something live and posting it as is. We had a great discussion about this that included talking about interactivity, chat rooms, and callers.

That's what I enjoyed about MacCamp.

The small size of the sessions enabled the participation of the attendees. More than just questions and answers, those in attendance could also present from their seats. It's a great example of the wisdom of the crowds. Adam did a great job of including everyone in the discussion.

I really enjoy when presentations turns into discussions.

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  1. I submitted it already. Sorry for the quick deadline. Your photos are MUCH better than mine. I got darkness in each one. Maybe I need a bigger camera.

    Essentially the piece I wrote for AppleGazette was just a recap explaining what MacCamp was, what an unconference is and a few of the things that went on.

    I mentioned Jack and you and the entire organizing staff. Also mentioned a few sessions and the raffles.