Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NYC Trip - Day One

Carnegie Delicatessen Restaurant
Carnegie Delicatessen Restaurant
Carol told me that I had to check out the Carnegie Delicatessen Restaurant. I've been to NYC lots of times and have a favorite deli, and I've been to the Stage Deli, but never have been to the Carnegie Delicatessen Restaurant.


The sandwiches here are huge. They could actually feed a family of five. I had a nice hot Pastrami sandwich on rye and sat at a seat in the middle of five other people. In NYC the trick is to not make eye contact with the other people. I guess. Great sandwich.

After lunch, I embarked on what I'd like ot cal the NYC video 2.0 tour. First stop,

The Moblogic Crew

I got a nice tour of the studio and talked with the moblogic crew about new shows they have in the pipeline. Make sure you watch on Wednesday and particpate in the discussion.

Mob Logic Yo!

As luck would have it, Lindsay Campbell showed up and we got to make the Moblogic signs for this picture. M and L. Yo!

Next stop on my tour was, where I got a nice tour of their new offices.

Mike Hudack watching moblogic on blip on a Sony Bivl

Mike Hudack showed me moblogic on blip on a Sony Bivl. Watching videoblogs on TV. Very cool. on TV

After I went down the street to visit Andrew and the Rocketboom crew.

On Set at Rocketboom

Yay! Me at the Rocketboom studio.

NYC Skyline


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