Friday, May 09, 2008

Newspaper Association of America on Live Cellphone Video Broadcasting

Live from the Scene: Newspaper Web Sites Take on Television - Newspaper Association of America: Advancing Newspaper Media for the 21st Century:
"The time has come when a newspaper reporter can pull out a miniature video camera from her pocket and instantly live stream video to a newspaper’s Web site from wherever she is — in a field, from city hall, or on a campaign bus. Garfield has been shooting such video for more than a year using just a Web-enabled cell phone and a simple Web application.

The benefits of such a capability are obvious. Reporters can gather video reports whenever and wherever they are, unhindered by the constraints of bulky or expensive equipment. Viewers can watch real-time news unfold while journalists gather material for a Web or print story.

At last, smaller newspapers can compete with their larger print and broadcast rivals at minimal expense."
Nice article by Paul Berger.

I enjoyed talking with him and he recounts a couple of interesting stories that I told him. He didn't send me a draft of the article though, so I'll have to point out the inaccuracies here:
I call it 'reporting by wandering around.'

If you are close enough to the microphone, the sound is going to be very good.

Viewers communicate with the cameraman via web chat.

Qik automatically sends out a twitter message when I start a live broadcast.

You have to manually upload a video to YouTube.
Sending these along to the writer... :-)

Update: Corrections being made this afternoon.

Read more on the subject from the Newspaper Association of America here, Zooming In on Online Video.

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