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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nokia N95 with Shotgun Microphone

Parts List:

RadioShack Gold Series Phono-to-Phono Audio Coupler

Gold Series Adapter, 1/8" Phone Plug to Phono Jack

Stereo Inline Adapter, 1/8" Jack to 1/4" Plug

Audio-Technica CP8201 Microphone Impedance Matching Transformer

Thanks to Shelbinator for blogging about this at: External microphone for N95: the final word (we hope):
Note that you use the yellow plug on the A/V cable, not the red one that Bloggerguy said in his video. If your phone asks you what you just plugged into it, select “Headset;”

Additional Versions: YouTube,


  1. That's pretty awesome, Steve. It's crazy how bad the audio quality is on these small cameras. Very cool that the N95 has an audio-in jack. I wish more small cameras had that option.

  2. We are using the A/V port and associated cable to cobble this solution together.

    An audio in port would be appreciated.

  3. Great stuff Steve! I love how much people are daring to customise and transform the technology they use. Thanks for sharing your expertise -- I'm going to pick up the bits this weekend and give it a go!

  4. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Now I need a software shutter speed adjustment (hold) for dark settings or shots like lightning on my N95 and software lens rotation so the image is always up (unless I want to flip it which is rare (typically done post shot).

    I really want the shutter timer or hold first! I love taking night time pictures, but they are always to dark to see without being able to hold the shutter open for longer than the built in settings. :(

  5. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I can hear it now at a future conference...

    "Hey, be careful of that cable. No!" Crash!

    Definitely a 2-person operation if at a busy hallway at a conference ;-)

    Definitely love the idea of connecting a shotgun mic to any small device!

  6. I did try it with wireless, but had an issue. Needs more testing.

  7. Steve inspired by you... I made this solution work with my Windows Mobile HTC Touch... with a wireless lavaliere mic I have.

    You're a genius. Seriously this was brilliant!

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  11. I successfully replicated the ReutersMojo combo of the N95 and Sony microphone. Not easy at first but definitely worth it and requires a little soddering. You have to use a connector that is not available from RadioShack. I'm putting together some stuff and can send you the details if you're interested.

  12. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Good JOb! :)

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