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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chief Videoblogger at Berkman at 10

David Weinberger and Colin Maclay asked me to be the Chief Videoblogger for the Berkman @ 10 Anniversary.

It was a fun experience. My task for the two days was to do what I normally do.

Usually that means creating short stories and streaming them live. I've been calling it storycasting vs. lifecasting where the camera is turned on for hours.

I recently got a call to let me know that there is a storycasting website. It's got nothing to do with videos or news, it's a site that let's you cast actors for novels. Interesting site.


What ended up happening at Berkman @ 10 was that I ended up streaming some sessions in real time. There were video cameras at most of the sessions, but they were recording to tape for later posting to the web. Much different than the recent ROFLcon where all the sessions were streamed.

When I go to conference, people want to virtually come along with me. Live streaming of conferences is becoming expected.

If I go to a conference, and the organizers restrict live streaming, I won't stream. If it's an open conference and streaming is allowed, sometimes I'll turn on the camera and stream some speakers.

Here are all the streams I did from Berkman @ 10, archived over on Qik:

Berkman @ 10 - Day 1
Berkman @ 10 - Day 2

One cool thing about streaming with Qik, is that it allows viewers to chat directly to the camera while I'm live. You don't need to log on to Qik. After the stream ends though, you need to log on to Qik to leave a comment after the fact.

When I stream live using Qik, the live stream also goes out to my Mogulus and channels.

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  1. Storycasting is a service mark of so I'll have to think up a new name...