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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Home Depot Manager Tommy DeCarlo Joins Boston - Tommy DeCarlo - CHARLOTTE, North Carolina - Classic Rock -

I read about Tommy DeCarlo joining the band Boston in the Globe this morning but there are no links to the YouTube video referenced in the story.

Once again I must go to Google to find the links.

If only the Globe would link to things they report on.

Here's the story from the Globe.

Boston Globe, Been such a long time:
Boston guitarist Tom Scholz says the band's new CD will be done soon and, with any luck, could be released in early 2009. Scholz told Billboard that the album - Boston's first since 2002's "Corporate America" - is a mix of "really straightforward rock 'n' roll songs and some things that are pretty esoteric." Boston kicks off a summer tour June 6 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, with former Stryper singer Michael Sweet and Tommy DeCarlo taking over on vocals for Brad Delp, who committed suicide last year. (DeCarlo is a manager at a Charlotte, N.C., Home Depot, who Scholz discovered via a Delp tribute posted on YouTube.) Boston plays the Tweeter Center Aug. 3.
No link to YouTube.


Is there a Tommy DeCarlo YouTube Brad Delp tribute video?

I can't find one.

Let's see what USA Today says, Amateur singer gets more than a feeling from Boston
In tribute to Delp, DeCarlo posted MP3 files of himself singing Boston over a karaoke soundtrack on his MySpace page.

I see. MySpace.

MySpace, YouTube. Whatever? :-)

Listen to Tommy DeCarlo's MP3's posted his to MySpace page.

Sarah Rodman blogged the USA Today story yesterday on her Globe blog, SoundEffects, From MySpace to Mansfield. She got the story right.

Also listen to Tommy Decarlo on his Soundclick page including his Brad Delp tribute, A Man He'll Always Be.

Boston - Smokin Live from the Brad Delp Tribute Show.

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