Saturday, May 03, 2008

Variety Story on Qik

Variety Story on Qik, originally uploaded by stevegarfield.

I'm in this Variety story on Qik, alongside Emma Thomphson & Michael Stipe and Jim Long.
"Back in January, blogger Steve Garfield happened to be toting his Nokia N95 mobile phone while he was observing the New Hampshire primary. When he bumped into Republican presidential candidate Duncan Hunter on the way to a CNN interview, he clicked a button on the phone and asked Hunter what he was going to say. Hunter gave him an impromptu pre-interview interview about his intention to stay in the race, and the interview was broadcast live to the Web, using Qik."
I was up in New Hampshire reporting for citizen journalism outlet, The UpTake. I had my Nokia N95 with me on purpose. No stories were planned, but I was ready to document what I encountered up in NH.

I call it happenstance broadcasting. Reporting by walking around.

Variety Article:

Here's the Duncan Hunter video:

This blog post has a report by Chuck Olsen that includes the Duncan Hunter video.

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