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Monday, May 05, 2008

How Does Your Blog Relate to Your Business?

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan writes, How Does Your Blog Relate to Your Business.

I replied:
Hey Chris,

My blog is called Off On A Tangent. It was started back in November of 2000 when I was on a consulting contract at the Boston Phoenix.

I started it to share and research the interesting things we talked about at lunch.

Over time it's turned into a blog about things I find interesting about news, pop culture and technology. I also point to things I'm involved in and media I create.

That's a long was of saying that my blog is about me. Anyone I do business with is entering into a relationship with me and my blog is a reflection of who I am.

One more thing. In the past I've used my blog as a link blog. Now those links end up on twitter, and I'm taking the time to write longer posts on the blog.

141 character blog posts. :-)

Off On A Tangent

I think of this blog as being crafted by hand, with choice selections.

I've also go a tumbler blog that combines many of my blogs into one feed.


I think FriendFeed is an indication of where this is all headed.

You put your content out there on the best platform and then aggregate it in one or more views you want to share.


Head over and tell Chris what you think.

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