Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lindsay Arrested For Thinking and Sharing, Lou Dobbs Isn't

I just watched this report from's Lindsay Campbell.

Her report: Lindsay Arrested: Yellow Journalism? | Daily News and Politics Web Show with Lindsay Campbell
"If I experience something and tell my friends about it, I tell them everything that happened, and how I felt about it. Why then as a journalist am I expected to give you the facts without sharing what I think about them?
I'm sharing it here because I admire the fact that she is sharing her views with us. I've met Lindsay and her team and understand what they are trying to do. It's refreshing and I enjoy hearing news that is presented with a point of view.

At, I'm Lindsay's friend and she's telling me what happened and sharing her feelings.

Ironicly, after watching Lou Dobbs on CNN last night, I was upset that he was reporting the news and doing the same thing as Lindsay. He was sharing his views on the stories that he was reporting. I didn't expect to see that on CNN.

I know what I'm gettting at, but CNN?

Here's what I wrote on twitter last night about Lou Dobbs:

Lou Dobbs Thinking and Sharing
"Lou Dobbs on CNN is reporting the news and expressing his biased opinion. It's blatant. He also has gaussian blur on his face."
Was I upset because I don't agree with Lou Dobbs?

I don't agree with Linday all the time, but with her I know I'm getting a point of view.

We need to be critical consumers of the media that enters our homes.

Does CNN need to add a bug at the bottom of the screen to inform viewers that we are getting opinion with the news?

What is going on here?

More here from Jeff Jarvis: Tearing down the news-opinion divide.

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  1. There a line between journalistic reporting and journalistic opinion pieces. Where the line is and what it looks like is probably like describing Pornography. You know it when you see it. I know while going through Journalism School, we were told repeatedly, via papers with lots of red pen markings, about fact v. opinion. The 5w's and H were paramount to all our writing in school. We did have opportunities for opinion or more creative pieces and yet, we were in Journalism School. While this is the first time I've seen Lindsay's work, I'd also assert that there is a line (see description above) on reporting/giving one's opinion regarding the news, and being a part of the news.