Monday, May 05, 2008

Listen to New Kids on the Block Single Summertime

New Kids on the Block SUMMERTIME e single

If you are looking for an mp3 of Summertime from New Kids on the Block, you can listen here:

- Full version, no DJ, no radio station branding - NKOTB Summertime mp3. via [ Dana's Dirt ]

- Full version On MySpace

- a clean clip of New Kids on the Block Single Summertime at

- Full version with DJ intro - New Kids on the Block Single Summertime [ mp3 ] 102.7 KissFM via [ musicistheheartofoursourl ]

- Matty in the Morning intros a a clip of New Kids on the Block Single Summertime at KISS 108 in Boston.
- a clip with radio station promo at the start at Z100
- a longer clip with with radio station promotion throughout from On-Air with Ryan Seacrest

Also, check out the New Kids on the Block Official Photostream on flickr.

What's next, NKOTB on twitter?


  1. rizza11:41 PM

    This is a surprise, I didn't expect that they would push through with this. Thanks for the links Steve!

  2. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I just finished listening to that young singer Nasri on MYSPACE and his music is so great. He is actually behind the NKOTB comeback. He wrote the song “ click click click ” and co-wrote “ summertime ” with Donnie. He also is working on some other songs with the group according to the NKOTB website. Here’s the link I found.

    My Favorite song is “NOT THE SAME” (

    Check his myspace and add him as a friend because he always replies back with a thank you. He’s really hot too!!