Saturday, December 06, 2003

Wizbang! 2003 Weblog Award

Dave Winer wants us all to vote for his blog as Best Overall Blog on Wizbang's 2003 Weblog Awards.

Where was I when nominations were made? For that matter, where were you?

I went over there for a look see, since it's snowing so hard and the wind is blowing the snow sideways. [ insert image here ]

Looking around at new blogs will keep me inside and toasty instead of outside and freezing.

What intrigued me was the Best Humor Blog category. That's my kind of category.

The second nominee, Anger Management points to the fact that AllGuiness wrote some Christmas cards to his blogroll.

I wish I was part of that kookie group of fun loving bloggers who link to each other, vote for each other in blogger polls and send each other Christmas cards. :-)

Hey, I can be a part of this crazy ecosystem!

I'm in.

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