Sunday, November 27, 2011

The 2011 NOT Mashable Awards Nominees for REGULAR PEOPLE

Meet the 2011 Mashable Awards Nominees

Where Are the Regular People?

Meet the 2011 Mashable Awards Nominees:
Each year the Mashable Awards honors the best in digital media, companies and personalities. This year, we have 196 nominees across 4 majors categories up for 28 total awards. As always, you, our readers get to choose the winners. The Mashable Awards will be decided over the next few weeks by popular user vote.

I've got a problem with this. Where are the regular people?

I'm not a big fan of award shows, unless I win one. ;-)

The Mashable Awards are just a popularity contest.

I don't want to vote for Famous People in Social Media.

I want to vote for people that I know: Regular people.

Why can't they be nominees too?

Well, they can.

I made my own award.

The 2011 NOT Mashable Awards Nominees for REGULAR PEOPLE.

Survey Monkey required me to add a choice, so I added some REGULAR PEOPLE who I follow and who recently showed up on my twitter stream.

I added:
Gavin Purcell
Paull Young
Christopher Penn
Amy Porterfield
Laughing Squid (Scott Beale)
Rachel Sklar
Andy Carvin
Cali Lewis
Drew Olanoff
Bijan Sabet
Unmarketing (Scott Stratten)
Chris Brogan
Chris Pirillo
Melissa Pierce
CC Chapman
Hermione Way
There's an OTHER category for you to add your own choice.


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Note: This is a BASIC Survey Monkey Plan that allows for 100 votes. I'll probably end it there and share the results, otherwise I'll share the results on December 17th. You've got one vote. Don't get me started on the 'come back every day to vote' thing. Oh my.

Sharing Results with Survey Monkey is a Pro Feature.
"PRO FEATURE: You can share the results of your survey with others, without giving them access to your account. To share your responses, upgrade to a professional subscription."

Some of my nominees wrote books!


  1. Our page Joplin Tornado Info (nominated in the business category for Best Social Good Cause) is a volunteer, grassroots effort started and staffed by regular there are a few regular folks nominated.
    contact us