Sunday, November 20, 2011

Things I Like about Flickr: It's Not Dead Yet

Commenting on CC Chapman's Post, The Slow Death of Flickr

Things I Like about Flickr: It's Not Dead Yet
These days when I visit Flickr, it's a page of shared Instagram photos.

I share my best Instagram photos on Flickr too.

Here are some things that I like about Flickr:

Creative Commons
Flickr still has it's good points, like Dave said Creative Commons. I like how I can choose a CC license for my photos. Myself, and may others have complained for YEARS that the CC license is not displayed on photo embeds. It's such a simple addition. I even went as far as getting the head of Creative Commons to ask Flickr about this. There are also many posts on their message boards.

No one ever listened and changed it.

Embeds and Sharing
Flickr also still has great sharing features for embedding photos on blogs. Instagram doesn't. I also love the Flickr integration on Storify, where when you write a story, you can simply click and drag a photo into your post. That's a great integration.

View Counts
Instagram doesn't track view counts. When I post to flicker via email and cross-post to twitter, I see lots of views on my photo. When I post to Instagram and cross-post to twitter, I see a lot of LIKES and comments. I really like the ambient intimacy of that, but I'd still like to be able to see view counts.

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