Monday, November 14, 2011


I just saw that my friend David Meerman Scott has a new eBook, Newsjacking!, that talks about how to take advantage real-time news events. I'm going to Newsjack his book release.

From David's site - How to Newsjack:

From Newsjacking! provides you with:
- Tools that you can use to monitor the news
- Case studies and examples that demonstrate how to strike at the right time
- Information on how to make your content available online for journalists to find
- The potential risks of newsjacking
- Keys to developing the real-time mindset required to succeed with the strategies presented in the book

Newsjacking is powerful, but only when executed in real-time. It is about taking advantage of opportunities that pop up for a fleeting moment then disappear. In that instant, if you are clever enough to add a new dimension to the story in real-time, the news media will write about you.
So that's what I've been doing?

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Image: #4 for Newsjacking! on Google Blog Search after 19 minutes!

via CC Chapman

My book, Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business (New Rules Social Media Series), is part of David Meerman Scott's The New Rules of Social Media book series from Wiley.

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Image: #5 for Newsjacking! on Google Everything Search Past 24 hours!

I recorded a screencast - 5 Examples of Newsjacking!

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  1. Damn, you're newsjacking my newsjacking post. Good for you.