Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Videoblogging (Livestreaming) Comes Of Age #ows #ustream

Great article: Videoblogging Comes Of Age on techPresident:
Using his Samsung Galaxy S2 cell phone, a 4G network, a free Ustream account, and Twitter and Facebook to alert viewers to new broadcasts, the 25-year-old Pool is demonstrating what could be the future of broadcast, networked citizen journalism, where interaction with viewers is real-time, and where anything can happen.

To long-time video-blogging pioneers, Pool’s livestreams from the Occupy Wall Street protests in Manhattan prove that the long-held promise of video-blogging has come of age.
There's also a link to a Vloggercon 2005 post, by Micah L. Sifry, as a bonus. Vloggercon 2005 was the first gathering of videobloggers :-)
I'm spending Saturday morning at Vloggercon 2005--the first ever face-to-face gathering of videobloggers--in a packed conference room at NYU. There are over 50 people here, including two women from Italy, a guy from Norway and one from Chile, all who came to NY just for this event. There's a sense here of being part of the birth of a new medium, one that has all kinds of interesting potential.
Thanks Sarah Lai Stirland.

Here's a photo of me and Amanda Congdon from Vloggercon 2005 in NYC.

Steve and Amanda

Here's a photo of me Bre Pettis and Chuck Olsen from Vloggercon 2006 in San Francisco.

Bre, Chuck, Steve

Also, here's a photo of me and Zadi Diaz from Vloggercon 2006 in San Francisco.

Zadi and Steve

My book, Get Seen, teaches you how to live stream and interviews a bunch of successful videobloggers. Also has a little history in it.


  1. Who are some of the people you interviewed?

  2. nterviewees: Adam Elend, Adam Quirk, Amanda Congdon, Bre Pettis, Brett Gaylor, Chris Pirillo, Chuck Olsen, Corey Kronengold, Dan Rayburn, Dunkley Gyimah, Felicia Day, Gary Vaynerchuk, Gavin Purcell, Gina Cooper, Israel Hyman, Jacob Soboroff, Jay Dedman, Jeff Jarvis, Jeff Pulver, Jimmy Fallon, Justine Ezarik, Kent Nichols, Kevin Dando, Kevin Nalts, Loic Le Meur, Mark Rotblat, Max Haot, Mike Hudack, Robb Montgomery, Schlomo Rabinowitz, Scott Kirsner, Scott Monty, Shira Lazar, Steve Woolf, Thomas Gensemer, Tim Street, Wm. Marc Salsberry, Zadi Diaz, Baratunde Thurston.