Saturday, November 19, 2011

[360 Video] Curtis Hall JP reopening w/ #Boston @MayorTomMenino

Shot with iPhone 4 and Kogeto DOT that I received to evaluate.

First Impressions right out of the box:

Shot my first video.

Realized there was a protective cover on the lens.

Removed it

Shot my second video.

Video started processing.

BUT, I wanted to take photos.

Didn't know if it was ok to put the app in the background.

1. Put a red dot to stripe on the protective covering so people will know to remove it.

2. At first I thought that you should not start processing automatically, or make it a user defined option so you can process later, but I see that it will be instantaneous in 1.1. That's good.

3. No tripod mount. Really? The DOT is so awkward to hold it makes sense to have a tripod mount on there. Gave feedback to see if they thinking about this?
What do you think?

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