Tuesday, November 29, 2011

American Airlines Files Chapter 11, What Does Boeing Say?

American Airlines posted a press release on their Facebook page

I wanted to see how this affected Boeing.

Corporate Site - Nothing
No comment on their Boeing corportate media site. Nothing new since Nov 23, 2011.

Boeing: News Releases
Image: Boeing News Releases

Facebook - Nothing
Can't find an active Facebook page for them. They don't seem active there.

Twitter - Nothing
Nothing on the Boeing Twitter account since 13 hours ago.

The Boeing Company Twitter Account
Image: Boeing Twitter Stream


I Asked for a Comment on Twitter @Boeing Please comment on AMR and American Airlines Filing for Chapter 11 Reorganization
Image: Twitter Message to @Boeing

Boeing needs to read David Meerman Scott's book Newsjacking to figure out how to respond to news events in real time on social networks.

See, I'm #4:

Update: Oops. For a typo search. "american airlines flies chapter 11" #ironic Some headline writer should use that.

american airlines flies chapter 11 - Google Search
Image: Google Search for "american airlines flies chapter 11"

You get the idea though. Are they still sleeping in Seattle?

Let's try a Google Search for "American Airlines Chapter 11 Boeing"

I'm #2:

Ha ha. #2 in Google search results isn't bad.

american airlines chapter 11 boeing - Google Search
Image: "american airlines chapter 11 boeing - Google Search"

Note that my Google+ post came up pretty high.

Who else should be commenting and are they?

Airbus on Twitter?

Airbus (airbus) on Twitter

Image: Airbus Twitter Stream


  1. At least BA, who are partners and basically share the flights to/from the US, have mentioned it