Friday, November 25, 2011

Looking back at my old blogroll sidebar links

Back when blog rolls, in your blog's side bar, was a thing. I kept mine up to date with lots of interesting sites.

Now, I don't even use a blog feed reader. The interesting posts from my friends pop up in my social media stream.

Recently I came across an old blogging friend from England, Bloggerheads. He used to be on my sidebar. This prompted me to look at my blog's HTML code to look at who else I used to follow. I'd commented out the blogroll years ago. Keep in mind, I started this blog 11 hers ago in November of 2000.

Hey. November 30, 2011 is my 11 year Blogger blog anniversary! Here's my first month of blogging. BTW, lots of my images from the past 10 years are going to go away when Apple discontinues iDisk support. Not sure what I'm going to do about that.

I started blogging by hand back in 1997. ;-)

Here's the blog roll. Let's go through it together and see if we can find any gems still maintaining their sites. Leave a comment if you find something you like.



random blog - DEAD LINK

blogdex - DEAD LINK

clix - DEAD LINK

daypop - DEAD LINK - Recently updated weblogs - Still working.

Related Links - This service has been disabled due to tens of thousands of postings by spammers.

amazon ads that directly relate to recent posts - Fun old experiment

Daily Source Code - Adam Curry's Podcast. - Last updated 2009

Adam Curry - Website.

Imogen Heap - She Rocks!

J-Walk - Lots-O-Stuff. - One of my old favorites!

Drudge Report - WRONG!

boingboing - Wonderful.

fimoculous - Feeding us. - STILL GREAT!

MetaFilter - Meme generator.

fark - Boobies.

Jack Hodgson - Boston blogger.

bloggerheads - Chasing Bush.

random abstract - Deterministic.

The Ultimate Insult - Fun finds.

apparentlynothing - London.

Wil Wheaton - Author.


Elin Nordegren

Sexiest 100 - Dead Link

Angelina Jolie wet! - Dead Link

whatevs - Hot content. - Dead Link

information leafblower - Life. - Dead Link

newyorkish - Dead Link


lindsayism - Esoteric gossip.

greengrl - Exploding Sun.

Silly Globe - D'oh! - Dead Link

Scripting News - Dave Winer.

The Presurfer - Daily diversion. - Dead Link - Uncommon sense.

Utter Wonder - c monks. - Dead Link

Doc Searls - Dead Link

The Blank OTD

geekman - With fries. - Dead Link

Bradleys Almanac - Music.

jaggle - Babes + Games.

Mark Bernstein - Web scientist.

DrikoLand - Pop culture.

Sarah Hatter - Breathe In.

Halley's Comment - Halley Suitt.

Signal vs. Noise - Clean design.

fluke - Zoom. - Dead Link

The Blueprint - A girl. - Dead Link

MovieJuice - Mark Ramsey. - Dead Link

Sooz - Party planner.

bitter-girl - Not bitter.

Lisa Williams - Writing in 2035.

Computer Toaster - Serving jelly. - Dead Link

Sore Eyes - Sees a lot.

PVRblog - I love TiVo.

oddments - Other stuff.

Movie Juice - Juicy news.

sugar-n-spicy - Neato images.

JimFormation - Rehabing home.

heath row - Off to NYC.

anil dash - TypePad guy.

jason shellen - Blogger guy.

Will's Thrills - Geek guy. - Dead Link

The Agitator - Radley Balko.

Attu Sees All - Maniac.

Jeff from Well - Music man.

Everlasting Blort - Pic and Link.

chapel perilous - Polyblog. - Dead Link

hatchetation - Local stuff.

Evhead - Mr. Blogger.

Laquidara - Matress Man.

parallaxview - English guy. - Sweet Dude.

a smitty - Newspaper guy.

NextDraft - News psychologist.

Craplog - Not so good. - Dead Link

tokyo-ouja - Unique. - Dead Link

stylesheet: DV - Digital Video.

Roger Avary - Movie maker. - Dead Link

kingblind - Music news.

noahgrey - Photographer.

technoerotica - Dead link. - Dead Link

digitalnap - Photo blog. - Dead Link

3bruces - Beer drinkers. - Dead Link

Reacharound - Conceptual. - Dead Link

Salted Wound - Mini-blog too.

Andrew Sullivan - Newsy.



Campaign Desk - Dead Link



John Hilowitz - Dead Link

Disturbing Search - Dead Link

Drudge Retort

Ken Layne


Plastic - Dead Link


SHWF - Dead Link

gleanings - Dead Link

NetWatch - Dead Link

1&1 Hosting

Fast Food Fever

Ravi Jain

Movie Juice

Sports by Brooks

feedster - Dead Link


Eugene Mirman

Odd Todd

flak magazine


Aint To Proud

Pure Listener - Takeshi in Japan.

David Grenier - Dead Link



Exploding Dog

Barry Crimmins

News Blues

Backwash - Dead Link

Europe Travel

Robot Wisdom

CSM War Update - Dead Link



Bush or Chimp - DEAD LINK


Check out my other site where I find Humor in the News - DEAD LINK

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  1. Really great to back in touch with you, Steve. Top idea for a post, too. I'll have a dig myself with Wayback soon.