Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Other 99 Live streaming #ows on Ustream.TV: -Twitter- @TheOther99

After 16 hours on air at Wall Street protests, a Ustream star is born

"The quality of his video stream -- both in content and technology -- is surprisingly good. And the simplicity of his gear can't be beat. He's using a Samsung Galaxy S2 on Sprint's 4G network to stream video, using the onboard camera and microphone to record, and connecting the phone to a small but powerful backup battery. If you want to know, it’s an "Energi to Go" 18,000 battery produced by Energizer which provides 18,000 milliamp hours (roughly 10 cell phone charging cycles). When his backup battery drained dangerously low, he put out a plea for help on his stream and received two more donated batteries."

I tried to find the products he's talking about on Not sure if the battery is the right one though. If you know which one he's talking about leave a comment.

Update via this post:
Battery Charger: XPAL charger.

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  1. Jack Gately7:45 PM

    Steve: Is he using the on-board mic or an external mic?

  2. Looks like the on board mic.

  3. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Check out our piece on Tim Pool -