Thursday, January 01, 2004 Already taken! How about some others?


Somebody already grabbed - A search engine. - Worst web design ever. For sale at only $4,995. - Can't find server. Reserved though. Probably for some exciting web search page. - Scheduled to open in 2004. Hello? It's 2004, where are you guys? - Nothing here. Just this: is not a commercial site, a blog site, an ego site, a porn site, a warez site, a religious/political/social commentary site, just a personal "sandbox" site. It is not "under construction", nothing is "coming soon" and it's not a support group for "people" who use "quotation marks" too often (although perhaps it should be). - For Sale. - Not for sale.
This domain is not for sale.

Please do not call.

Please do not write.

Please do not email.

Thank you.
Don't bother going to or either.

Nothing interesting there.

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