Friday, January 09, 2004

Sex Sells Lemonade

Did you catch the first episode of The Apprentice last night?

Chumworth, my mother, and I watched it and loved it!

My mom just called from Florida to tell me how much she loved it!

And Trump's penthouse apartment, yikes. Wouldn't want to live there.

It needs to be totally redecorated.

Or maybe, undecorated.

How about that weasely guy, Sam Solovey, who they did not vote out!

I bet the producers conferred with Mr Trump and told him that, that guy means ratings !

Oh yeah, it was the girls vs. the boys to see who could sell the most lemonade. The girls sold their cups of lemonade for $5 per cup and included kisses.

They won.

Ha ha.

The Apprentice Website.

Amelia (Amy) Henry.

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