Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ask Jerry

My friend Jerry now has an Ask Jerry feature at It's JerryTime!

I sent him in a question:
Dear Jerry,
I have a 64 oz. bottle of Ocean Spray Light Cran-Rasberry drink.

On the front of the bottle it says, "Cranberry Rasberry Juice Drink Blended with another juice from concentrate.

When I look at the ingredients it says:

Filtered Water, Grape Juice from Concentrate, Cranberry Juice (Cranberry Juice from Concentrate and (Cranberry Juice), Rasberry Juice from concentrate...

So why isn't this bottle labeled GRAPE JUICE? Don't they list ingredients from most to least?

I know why they don't label it GRAPE JUICE or even mention GRAPE JUICE on the front of the bottle.

No one likes grape juice.

And one other thing, recently the juice seems less red in color. Have you noticed this?

Waiting for his response.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Hi Steve,

    The "grape juice" is probably actually "white grape juice". Not the concord purple grape juice that you are thinknig about.
    It is used as a "filler"...similar to apple or pear....
    Since it is a "drink", it is mixed with other juices.

    If it was a 100% juice, then it would not be mixed with another juice