Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lindsay is Interesting and Important

My friend Lindsay Robertson is guestblogging over at Janemag.com and writes about the book How to Win Friends and Influence People:
When I was a teenager, I was a junior counselor at a sports camp in North Carolina. On the first day of camp, the entire staff was given copies of Dale Carnegie's 1936 self-help book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, one of the bestselling books of all time. The camp director told us it was one of the most important books we would ever read. I read the whole thing in a couple days and have tried to read it every few years since then. Recently, I got the book on tape from audible.com and have been walking around the Lower East Side listening on my ipod (I'm just realizing how dorky that is.)"
Go read what lessons Lindsay's learned from reading the book.

I remember that my mom liked it too.


  1. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Great article! I would have left a comment there but I'm not a memeber of the "Jane Club."

    Mentioning people's names: I have a lovely neighbor of many years who thinks my name is Holly, when in fact it's Heidi. It bothers me not one teeny bit that he isn't addressing me by the correct name; that he makes an attempt to mention my name in friendly conversation is head and shoulders in importance.

  2. Anonymous2:21 PM

    I actually listened to that from audible last summer. It was definitely really good. I feel like a lot of it is very "common-sensey," but listening to it sort of reinforced some of the things that I think come more naturally. Sometimes you need something to remind you of these things.

    By the way, Steve, nice blog and vlog! This is my first time commenting, but I've been visiting for the last few months. :)