Monday, March 27, 2006

What I learned from Craiglisting

I just put up my first group of posts on Craigslist.

I learned a lot.

1. There are a people who are avid craigslisters. Watching the lists for things to buy. One of the people who bought a rug from us furnished her whole apratment vis craigslist.

2. Make sure you tell people to bring a friend to be able to carry out their purchase. For a huge console TV and a rug, I was enlisted to help carry it out to the waiting car.

3. Make sure you check with your significant other about the wording on your post. Although a rug might look like an 'oriental' to you, it's not. A bed that looks like a Queen to you could just be a Full in disguise.

4. People who enter your home are interested in all the details about it. Do you own? Do you rent? How many rooms do you have? What did you have for dinner?

5. You've got to manage the inflow of emails in response to your ad. It's like a full time job if you price it right. Make sure you keep straight who is coming when and if they are just coming to look, or are going to buy.

Thanks Craig.

Your site works really well for cleaning out an apartment in a few days.

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