Thursday, March 30, 2006

Crappy Customer Service

My new favorite blogger, Happyscrappy, gets no customer service from Bank of America.

I have issues with Bank of America too. Here they are:
1. No more Fleet Cash.

When Bank of America took over from Fleet/Shawmut/Nank Boston/Bank of NE/It's been so long ago I forget the name Bank, BOA changed the ATMs and removed the FLEET CASH option. With that option you were able to key in your PIN # on an ATM and then press FLEET CASH. Money would pop out and you'd get your card back and a receipt. Pretty sweet. Then BOA came on and did away with that option.

Now it takes a gagillion key strokes to get money out of the ATM. What is ironic is that at the time of hte change, a VP of BOA was on TV telling us that they has testing labs working to help make your ATM transaction faster. IF I was grading the BOA ATM testing labs I'd give them an F. Total failure.

2. No more postage stamps available on ATMs.

3. Confusing statements.

Please! Can someone who sued to work at Fleet help redesign the bank statements.

4. Online banking.

Hello. I am always using the same computer to access online banking. I know it's a Macintosh, but can't you just remember my Login ID?

5. Safety image.

Instead of making me choose one of your lame clip art photos as my online security image, how about alloing me to upload one that means something to me?
Thank you for your attention to these matters.


  1. I couldn't agree more. Especially on the clip art thing. I picked the leaf, and every time I log in to check my account, there it is.

    I hate that leaf.

  2. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Steve, I won't mention my online bank, but I too have lost the option to save my login & password on the main login page. What I found was if I 'goofed' up, it sent me to a different login page (something like, we don't recognize you, try again) and on this page I can get the thing to remember my login and password. It's become my new bookmark for online bank access.