Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My American Idol Winners and Losers

My American Idol Top Eight:

Chris - I liked how he made his song his own, dog. ;-)
Ace - Hello ladies.
Katharine - My favorite.
Mandisa - She can sing.
Kellie - Her personality shines through. "Look at that pickle!"
Paris - Great voice, but dressing to old.
Taylor - Love him, but bad song choice.
Kevin - Wow. Before this song I thought he was the worst. Not now. ;-)

My Bottom Three:

Elliott - Does nothing for me.
Lisa - You'd see this act on a cruise ship. ;-)
Bucky - He's gone.


  1. Bucky is so gone. I think that it really impressed Simon when Kevin took him on.

  2. I'd take Elliott over Kellie. She drives me nuts. Never had calamari??? Any yes, I've also got the (Katharine) McPhever.

  3. Kellie Pickler is the new Ellie Mae Clampett.

    Sal-mon. Ha! I love that.

  4. Yeah, Kellie just shines. The Holy Spirit's message on the Christian Prophecy blog talks about our inability to REALLY judge and about miracles being possible, specifically mentioning Kevin.

  5. you can vote on tivo for a chance to win a HD tivo too I believe now. Doesn't go to the results but a drawing....

  6. Yes, it is true, Kellie's personality shines through...
    Last night when Ryan Seacrest told her that Simon thought her performance was "ballsey," she asked "What is a ballsey?" That girl is dumber than a sack of hammers.