Thursday, March 16, 2006

TSA found my jacket

I just got back from the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) office at Logan Airport.

I was there to pick up my jacket that was left at a TSA checkpoint last Saturday.

It's my favorite Microsoft [ SUBSCRIBE ] jacket that I got at last year's Gnomedex.

After getting back to Boston, from SXSW, I gave TSA a call with the jacket's description.

They called this morning and told me to drop by to pick it up.

Reunited and it feels so good.

Happy Saint Patrick's day to the receptionist at Massport!

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  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    And I guess the luck of the Irish was with you. Sometimes, lost and found really does work. A year or so ago, a friend asked me to bear with him while he stopped at the lost and found in Grand Central to see if they his PalmPilot that he'd left on a train.

    I thought, "no way." But there was a big basket of lost PalmPilots and sure enough, my friend's was there. I usually assume it's not worth the effort - that whatever I've lost is gone.

    But I think I'd better change that attitude...