Sunday, March 12, 2006

SXSWi 2006 Report

Bre Pettis and Susan Kirkpatrick by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

It's vloggers Bre Pettis and Susan Kirkpatrick.

Bre says this us a Meta Meta photo.

SXSWi is a lot of fun. I'm meeting a lot of interesting people and taking names (collecting cards).

Jim Coudal and Jason Fried's opening remarks about the death of the RFP and functional spec were right on target for me and brought back memories on working on things like that. They also talked about chosing to do business with people who are nice. That's my program!

Eric Rice is actually flying around SXSW in physical space. He just aquired a record label.

I also saw Eugene Mirman. He's here to promote a little film and will be doing a show, The Comedian's of Comedy. Go see him!

Heath Rowe and Danah Boyd we amazing panel discussion leaders.

Club Deville

Drinks last night at Club Deville with Andrew Baron, Amanda Congdon, Joshua Kinberg, Richard Show and others was fun. Thanks Andrew for the beer. Andrew says that he can buy a group pf people beer down here for the price of one beer in NYC. I didn't see Chuck since I turned in before he ventured out. Today! I will see Chuck today!

Today I'm going to the Elderbloggers session at 10:00 to see Ronni Bennett and participate in the discussion. Gonna represent my mom and my future state of elderblogging. Lisa Williams plans on being there too.

At 2:00 it's the keynote with Heather Armstrong and Jason Kottke.

4:00 Bloggers in Love, going to represent The Carol and Steve Show. I heard we were nominated for the panel but didn't get selected.

It's revenge of the Blogs at 5:00, about what might happen in the 2008 elections. I can already tell you, video blogging candidates. See John Edwards.

Then later on it looks like the Yahoo! party and Eric Rice's Fray Cafe at the Red Eye Fly, 715b Red River. That looks like it's going to be the Videoblogger's meeting place.

I talked to Mason Dixon about it as well as Michael Verdi. At the Fray Cafe you get up on stage and tell personal stories for 5 minutes. Videobloggers should be good at that.

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