Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bring the Apple Store to Boston

WeeklyDig : > Local NIMBY bites Apple store:
"Commissioner Dell Mitchell objected to the way that the store would light up Boylston at night. It would be quite an anomaly. There would be a lot of light emanating from the building, and that's unnatural in this type of neighborhood."
Back in the days when Apple had local resellers, I worked at Northeast Computer Stores on Boylston Street selling the Macintosh. We had big windows which allowed you to look inside the store.

I used to demonstrate how cool it was to be able to cut and paste a little picnic table from MacPaint into MacWrite to make a cookout invitation. There used to be groups of 5-10 people watching these demos. It was an exciting time.

Boston needs an Apple Store on Boylston Street. I love the idea of an open store that is an extension thehte street welcoming people in for free Wi-Fi with a theatre.

In fact, when I was out at Apple Headquarters, I asked them to come to town and build such a store. Now that they want to, I'll go to any meeting needed to voice my opinion that downtown Boston should have an Apple store.

I'm especially excited about the theatre. As the originator of the Meet the Vloggers sessions, the Boylston Street location would be a great venue to teach people about sharing their stories with videoblogs.

Apple, please come to Boston in the springtime.

Back Bay Architectural Commission, take a look thehte picture and tell me that an Apple store that looks like this wouldn't be better than the Copy Copy that's currently there.

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