Monday, March 20, 2006

The Hilton Family Inactivated Me

When I checked into the Hilton at SXSW, they couldn't find my HHonors in the computer. When I got home I emailed them and got this email back:
"Your account was found in our inactive account system. In an effort to offer the benefits that you have grown accustom to and effectively manage program costs, HHonors does require activity in the form of one eligible stay or HHonors point earnings through any of our HHonors sponsored credit cards at least once every 12 months. If this requirement is not met on any HHonors account, all points are forfeited."
I don't understand the cost/benefit of making my account inactive. I guess they get the benefit of deleting everybody's points each year for inactive accounts. The cost though is the feeling a member gets when s/he goes to check in and finds out they are no longer a member adn there is no record of their account. Even worse is the fact that the receptionist at the front desk has no idea why my membership looks like it does not exist.

In fact, the hotel clerk asked if he could keep my membership card from 1988 since Hilton was an Olympic Sponsor that year. Lame.

I just looked up the rules for Marriott, and they say that an account may be closed, and all points deleted, if no points are accrued during a 24-month period.

I've never had a problem with Marriott closing my account, but I stay there a lot too.

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