Monday, March 27, 2006

I love Craigslist

I had a whirlwind day yesterday with all the items I listed on Craiglist. Everything I listed found a new home. ( Waiting on an email about one free chair. )

I met some really nice people. Craigslisters you could call them. I really had no idea how powerful Craigslist is.

So today I've embraced everything that is good about the internet and participatory culture by listing the rest of the contents of the apartment we are renting.

Everything has got to go by April 1st.

I'm sure we'll have no problem now that Craifg and his list is helping me. Thanks Craig.

Here are my new listings on Craigslist:

 Mar-27   Girlie Girls Bedroom Set (Bed, dresser, mirror, desk) - $150 (Jamaica Plain) pic

 Mar-27   Wooden armed upholstered chair - $35 (Jamaica Plain) pic

 Mar-27   Small Dresser - $25 (Jamaica Plain) pic

 Mar-27   Twin Bed - $100 (Jamaica Plain) pic

 Mar-27   Blue Oriental Rug - $40 (Jamaica Plain) pic

 Mar-27   Golden Oriental Rug - $30 (Jamaica Plain) pic

 Mar-27   FREE Zenith System 3 Console TV 25" (Jamaica Plain) pic

 Mar-27   Zenith 24" Color Console TV - $30 (Jamaica Plain) pic

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  1. Anonymous4:38 PM


    I've heard that could be the next craigslist of NY. People are talking about the site all over NY, and it has a pretty good interface and nice functionality. The quality of work on CL has decreased. I posted on and got a lot of responses. Did anyone else experience something similar to this effect?