Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Oyster Opens

Amanda Patterson writes for the new Boston based online publication The Oyster, Wireless? We'll get there. Relax.:
"Steve Garfield, a video producer from J.P. can think of lots of reason that the city should go wireless. “It would make the city such a welcoming place,” Garfield said. He recently landed in Ft. Lauderdale airport, where the Internet was free. “I was totally happy and connected.” He says he pays Comcast about $100 a month, and feels that at that price he should have access wherever he is. “Places that do free wifi on their own, they are getting people to come,” says Garfield. He meets with his video blog group, The Boston Media Makers, at Sweet Finnish a free wifi bakery cafe in J.P."
What I actually said was that by paying Comcast $100 per month, I should have access to the Comcast Wi-Fi network at Logan Airport.

Good thing we have blogs to be able to correct misquotes.

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  1. How do you plan to correct mosquitoes with your blog?