Wednesday, March 01, 2006

PPV HD TV Net Downloads

business2blog: B2Day : Scoop: Veoh Takes on YouTube:
"Shapiro does a few things differently. For one, he has a way to deliver DVD-quality, and even high-definition, videos to your laptop (that's where the peer-to-peer technology comes into play). For another, his business model allows the people who create the videos in the first place to either charge for downloads or share in advertising revenue. And finally, using advanced vector math he plans to use a sophisticated recommendation engine that will program shows and advertising to you."
This is an interesting development.

Are there any other models where you can charge for HD quality downloads?

Possibly Google Video?

This is going to be very important as computers are increasingly hooked up to HD TV's in the livingroom.

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  1. Thanks for this thread. I have my 2nd computer hooked to my HD TV and althought the picture is better than on my monitor, I want a High Def Picture on my TV.....