Monday, March 06, 2006

Samiyah Diaz to Challenge Dianne Wilkerson

Samiyah Diaz for State Senate:
"Samiyah Diaz, the first Muslim to seek state elected office in Massachusetts history, is readying a campaign for the Senate seat held by indicted incumbent Dianne Wilkerson. Describing herself as 'socially progressive and fiscally prudent', Diaz has formed a campaign committee and started to collect nomination signatures for the campaign. She also has launched a website,, to recruit volunteers and raise money on the internet."
It's time for a change.

Boston Globe: GOP picks a fight.

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  1. She definitely has an uphill battle. If this other woman is serious about keeping her seat assuming she doesn't get indicted (I did my research and I'm not from MA) she should be ready for a racially charged campaign. Unfortunately that is the price one pays for challenging someone in the dominant machine.