Friday, August 11, 2006

Doc Searls is Journalism: Part 2

On Wednesday I wrote a post saying that Doc Searls is Journalism because he took a picture of a moment in time and published it. It was a momnet that no one else captured, no big media was there. By saying that Doc Searls is Journalism, I was saying that all of us are reporters. If we all capture moments in text, audio and video, and publish them for others to share, we'll get a fuller picture of things that are happening.

Doc Searls did it again yesterday...

Doc Searls reports from Logan Airport on Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 4:30 AM:
"Something bad happened (they won't tell us), and now the TSA won't let you carry any liquids, gels, pastes or fluids of any kind (pens?) through security checkpoints. Gotta check your medicines, sunblock, water bottels, whatever. This directive went down this morning (it's 4:30am here at Logan in Boston) and has caused a huge backup at the ticket counters and the security checkpoints. I'm sure it's just as bad everywhere, though I haven't looked at any of the news sources yet. (I think I'm at the leading edge of the news, sort of, right here.)"
And he's serving as a trusted filter today, by pointing to yesterday's piece on terrorism by ZeFrank and providing pointing to and quoting a transcription.

Yay Doc. News you can trust.


  1. Thanks, Steve. Much appreciated.

    A small clarification: I pointed to and quoted a transcription on Ze's daily show wiki. Somebody else -- sez here Yocomoramen, who might be Ze, for all I can (or care to) tell -- did the transcription. Or posted it, anyway. (I would think Ze writes out his daily shows, but I dunno.) Anyway, the verb "provided" might suggest I went to the effort of making the transcription. After witnessing my Xtreme stenographic performance at the Citizens Media unconference, that would seem plausible. But the credit goes somewhere back in the wikimaze.

  2. Thanks Doc.

    This story is a living document and I've changed it based on your comments.