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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

CBS Teases Mac Users

CBS to air primetime shows online:
"CBS Corp. on Tuesday said it plans to air prime time television programs, including its top-rated CSI series and 'Survivor' show, on the Internet for free.

The shows will include 'limited commercial interruption' and be made available on its high speed Internet channel innertube the morning after it airs on the CBS broadcast network, the company said."
This is great. Yes, it's old media putting TV shows on the internet, but that's what I've been looking for , for years. A way to have on demand access to TV shows I might have missed.

With DVR's like TiVo, you've got to subscribe to those shows you want to watch. I've been keeping my subscriptions to a manageable level so I can 'get through' all the shows in my TiVo inbox. ;-)

What CBS is doing is giving me another way to watch their content. Good for them.

There are a couple of problems with the CBS site innertube though.

It seems to be a streaming only solution, which means that I have to be connected to watch.

The other problem is that although innertube comes up on my Mac, the area where the show is supposed to play is an empty white space.

Some might say I'm not missing much, but I'd still like to have the option to watch.

If you have a Mac can you try it out and let me know if you get the same problem?
via [ Valleywag ]