Thursday, August 24, 2006

realVerse on Josh Wolf

Bethany over at realVerse comments on Josh Wolf's situation:
"This episode was produced by realVerse for It focuses on Josh Wolf, a video blogger recently jailed in San Francisco."
Jay Dedman sent a comment in, but it hasn't shown up yet on their blog, so I'm posting it here:
"It'd be good if you linked back to our orginal video that you are
using. It's licensed under Creative Commons non-commercial

This full video also helps put your editorialization in clearer perspective.
Josh says he did not record any crime. He has offered to let the judge scan the tape, but the judge refuses.
The reason Josh refuses to turn in the tape is so the Government cannot use it to make a database of protestors. Don't think it
happens? [ ]
-- use for a username/password

Regardless of what political side you're on, we should all agree that journalists are not agents of the government. If people feel that a journalist's raw tapes and notes can be used against them...who would then trust a journalist? Government then squashes the media's ability to cover stories.

There's a great right wing/left wing debate that happened here:

Please pretty woman...let's discuss the facts. A mouthpiece is boring."

They posted a link to Jay and Ryanne's video, but Jay's comment is still not up.

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