Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Deval Patrick TV

Check out Deval Patrick TV. Deval Patrick is using the Brightcove platform to let voters hear directly from him on the issues. From the press release:
The Deval Patrick campaign is launching “Deval Patrick TV,” an interactive Internet TV channel. After going to the DevalPatrick.tv website, the user chooses what to watch—a speech, a testimonial, a message from Deval on the issue that matters to them. It allows people to use high resolution videos to introduce Deval to their friends and family and choose the specific content they want to watch (just like a TV). Current highlights include Deval Patrick’s speeches from his rally with U.S. Senator Barack Obama and after his endorsement at the Democratic State Convention.

The website is located at www.devalpatrick.tv and will allow voters to learn more about Patrick in his own words—an in-depth format that will go beyond the 30-second sound byte. In keeping with the Patrick campaign’s commitment to supporters, the campaign will release Deval’s first television ads on DevalPatrick.tv on Thursday before they appear on standard TV later this week.
Looks really, really nice.

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