Tuesday, August 29, 2006

WHDH-7 Boston Newsroom Meltdown

The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney: WHDH-7 Boston, Talk Radio, Newsroom Meltdown:
"Without their customary tools of the television news trade, Channel 7's newscast was aborted after a just couple of minutes. As it became clear they were on their own, flustered anchors became increasingly panicked, ultimately leading to an on- air disaster of epic proportions. See the stunning video of this fiasco here."
I saw this too and at the time wondered why they couldn't just continue to report the news without technology.


  1. Anonymous7:41 AM

    This is pathetic. It's the news I watch. What happened to oh I don't know...reading the news off of paper?

    It's the news! Tell people what is going on and adapt without technology.

    Really drives home just how robotic they are when you see them like this. They couldn't even just have a conversation. Damn....

  2. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Unbelievable. No teleprompters and other "technology" so they just call the news off. "We can't bring you the news." Unbelievable.

    TV news is almost entirely scripted, except things like the little banter to and from the news and sports guys. And we see how awkward that is.

    I simply haven't been able to watch local newscasts for years. I usually start screaming at the talking heads.

  3. Anonymous1:48 PM

    This is always happening when you try to do something without having resources.