Monday, August 28, 2006

A Whole System of Communication

Nice post by Michael Meiser, Random thoughs on social media:
"Video blogging is not like TV or Film. If there is a revolutionary idea behind new media it's that it's simply personal communication that just so happen to be public."
Michael then talks about "a whole system of communication":
About fidelity, "quality", and perfection. Remeber... it's not about the medium, it's about the conversation. All these media are simply facets of a whole system of communication that connect you with those around you.
I think this point is really important. Like Jay Dedman says, "we are capturing moments."

While reviewing the Nokia N93 cell phone, I've been posting text, audio, photos, and video over on a new blog that I created to share my findings: Nokia N93 test Center Blog.

If I was writing a review for a newspaper or magazine, you'd miss out on the video parts. If I was doing this for TV, you'd miss out on the text parts. If I was doing this for a product review site, you probably wouldn't see any of it yet since they'd probably wait until it was 'done' before posting it.

What I'm doing is blogging.

It's a conversation.

I'm posting little moments that are happening each day as I discover new things about the phone. And it's not perfect either.

In my post about posting video from the Nokia N93 from the sidewalk via WiFi, I uploaded the video from the sidewalk, but I made the post 'live on the blog' from home because Carol wanted to leave. That's ok. It doesn't matter...

I'm posting my findings on the blog and people are interested. I'm also getting comments from other N93 users suggesting other features to try. Things I might not have thought of.

If I was doing this in private, it wouldn't be such a rich experience.

It's different than a review you'd find in a magazine. It's not finished yet. And that's what's great about it.

It's a conversation.


  1. Good thoughts, Steve. I think it's a process of communication as well as memories of that process that we create as we vlog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Steve,

    Interesting post from Fred Wilson on "shopcasting" that is a term for talking about products in you blog but doing so not just to get referral links.



  3. You should hook up with Jan of Faux Press too. She's got a Nokia, albiet not an N93 and she's using it for short little audio and video blog clips.

    BTW, love the "lifeblog" tech. It uses RSS, well technically ATOM as a standard, a "trusted feed" for going from phone to whatever blog you want.

    Basically your nokia phone posts to an ATOM feed... and then pings your real blog which aggregates it from the feed.

    It's a beautiful open standard for data exchange. I'd never thought about the suply side. Superb thinking.

    BTW, I've been meaning to ask. How can I get one of these nokia n93's for 'trial'. I've been all over this mobile space, in fact more important than that I'm looking for more contacts AT nokia. I'm a member of Mobile Monday Chicago among other things, and I've been invited to speak there next month on the topic of using RSS as a tool for direct to device media aggregation. I'm trying advocate the next stage of the evolution of podcasting and new media... going portable, going "hubless"... moving "beyond the desktop".

    It's my opinion that we'll the whole vlogging and podcasting space... even photocasting, which I think has tremendous potentials. When wifi or wirless enabled devices are cable of direct aggregation of media, and I'm trying to look for ways to do that.

    BTW, can I put you on my shortlist for my "mobile media workgroup"?

    I'm interested in hearing all your feedback on the n93 not only in using it as a vlogging device, but also an aggregatory device if it has such capabilities.

    So far as I know the Sony PSP and some of the more robust PDA's are the closest thing to what I'm talking about. They just need to precache the media... so it's ubiquitously available on or offline.

    Imagine one day you're standing in line at the DMV and you pop open your PDA/communications device... and you can flip through your latest photos from your flickr feed... or your latest videos from your vlog friends... or simply listen to some music or podcasts while you wait.

    It's my opinion that this sort of ubiquity in new media will further light a fire in innovation on the content, the hardware and the networks. Finally pulling a "network effect" on wireless providers to convince them that open networks are the key to expanding their business not pulling and AOL and exclusively brokering deals to bring niche content like a music video that noone will really care about anyway.

    Video blogging, podcasting, and photocasting is where small media and personal media is going to finally drive a smooth curve right from the long tail of interpersonal communications right on up to the entertainment and news niche markets.. maybe even on to full blown head of the long tail stuff.



  4. Well, I've finally done it.

    I b*tched about it enough.. and waited long enough, but I've finally started a mobile media workgroup.

    I guess I'd been avoiding it because I hoped someone else would do it, because everything I try to do socially fails... i'm no charismatic leader in the blog eat blog world... give me a board room to sell and a development team with which to build... that's my arena.

    Anyway I called it the "mobile media workgroup" because I did a google search and this post... ironically my own words were the only thing that came up on the google search.

    Again, thanks for reblogging me... sometimes I get so used to blabbing my mouth in the yahoo groups and get so little feedback I don't know if anyone is even listening let alone interested.

    I also announced it with a monstor post on the yahoo videoblogging group.