Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chuck's new favorite wine

My new favorite wine by Chuckumentary, uploaded from flickr.

I just followed a link from Chuck Olsen's flickr post about his favorite new wine, 2001 Tria Pinot Noir.

The link lead me to Geerlings & Wade, based in Canton, MA.

If you've been reading this blog for a while you know I was a big proponent of wineries being able to ship wine directly to Massachusetts.

Well I just called Geerlings & Wade and found out that yes, they have filled out all the paperwork and ship to Massachusetts from their Albany, NY facility. They also have a facility in California.

I asked if they have Cliff Lede wine and was surprised to learn that all their wines are private label wines. Here's the info from their site:

(Geerlings & Wade is) America's leading direct-to-consumer winery, producing our own wines both in our Napa, California winery and with international partnerships that have developed over our twenty years experience in the industry. Today, Geerlings & Wade is AmericaƂ?s leading direct marketer of fine wine and wine accessories with home and office delivery to 28 states and a devoted following of over 100,000 regular customers and members.

Hey Chuck, what would you suggest for six bottles?

Any readers buy from Geerlings & Wade?

Also, are there any wineries that now ship direct to Massachusetts? Now that we have a restrictive law on the books I'm wondering if ANY winery has gone through the paperwork to allow direct shipments to Massachusetts.


  1. 6 bottles... yikes, I'm not qualified I'm afraid!

    But here's a handy link for where you can ship wine:

    Who ships where from someplace called the Wine Institute.

    Minnesota recently made it legal to ship wine here, in other states it's a felony (!!!!).

  2. And the info at that link is wrong for Massachusetts.