Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Elder Videoblogging

Ronni writes about YouTube Elderblogging:
The newest elderblogger sensation, as many of you have pointed out to me via email over the past several days, is one Peter, a 79-year-old widower living in the U.K.

Well, actually, he is on YouTube where he is known as geriatric1927 and has turned out nine five- to six-minute videos in one week... Thousands of elderbloggers have been proving that for years including Millie of My Mom’s Blog who has been producing videos with her son, vlogger extraordinaire Steve Garfield, for a couple of years. It shouldn't be such a surprise to the media that elders are part of the blogosphere.

But what is most important, and what Peter’s new-found celebrity is helping to do, is make the point that elders are out here in the blogosphere producing words, audio and video that is as compelling as anything 20-somethings do.

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